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Introducing new services: storage, custody and security in the issuance of tax certificates and tax compliance for Colombia tax regulations.

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The portal for the issuance and printing of FISCAL TAX CERTIFICATES in Colombia.

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Issuance of certificates: Income security withholding (annually), IVA title retention (bi-monthly or annually), ICA title retention (bi-monthly, semiannual, annually or according to municipality), Timbre (monthly), certificates partners and shareholders

Compliance in issuing obligatory tax certificates. (Avoid penalties by failing to issue tax certificates. Tax code article 677 states: “will incur a fine of up to 5% of the payment value or credits for certificates not issued”)

Two ways process audits from the portal.  When the supplier has  printed, revised or certificates are verified from the website, your company will receive an action report via email. The website www.certificadofiscal.com will also continuously monitor and support the procedures on the certificates issues.

Save time and administrative costs (phone calls, paperwork, human resources, fax, transportation, etc.), The quantification of these costs within your organization will demonstrate the viability of our service.

Direct channel to your suppliers and tax certification issuers. (Easy to remember portal).

Tax bracket benefits (100% discount for tax returns that require it).

Up to date information. (24x7x360)

Easy to use portal to review and print your federal and state certificates.

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To print certificates from the system, you must have Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the program, you can download it from here

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Subscribers can check and print certificates of its suppliers from here.

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Here you will be able to consult legislation for accounting, taxes and general interest.
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